(CHILE, 2019)


After hearing a loud noise, Alondra goes out to see what is going on further away her play zone: a fighter plane has crashed. Horrified, she runs back looking for her big brother´s protection, who ends up giving her a crucial lesson



(La Fémis. Documentary lab. Paris, 2008)


Every Friday afternoon, Oscar “The Crow” Castro cooks his carbonada to have dinner with the audience that goes to see his play in the Aleph theatre.


Having dinner with him is also an opportunity to get to know a man that with his theatre has been able to sublime the pain that caused him a past marked with important losses. It is a simple portrait of a “crow” that chose to fly and that today, with his spoon in his hand, can teach us something about life.



(Universidad Católica, Documentary lab. Chile. 2008)


José Zagal Moya is a renowned Chemistry PHD who, besides his lab research, also has another passion: trains.  This short documentary portrays the hobby the scientist keeps out of the lime light, going on a trip back to his childhood and reflecting on his role as a father.